2018 Easter - Lipizzaners

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2018 Easter Performance

Easter is a very special time for us all for many different reasons. It is a time best spent with family and friends, a time for reflection and making memories that stay with us our whole lives.

We at the South African Lipizzaner Centre focused our efforts on putting together a performance aimed at captivating the imaginations of the young and the old a like. The performance followed the story of Big Bunny and Little Chicken as they searched the forest for their lost magical horse;  for without him they would be unable to hide the Easter Eggs for the Easter Egg Hunt. The story-line and characters complemented the graceful items performed by the famous white stallions. Through the age-old medium of music and theatre, we brought an Easter story to life in a way especially relatable to young children and of course to the child within us all.

We were visited on the day by some animal friends from the Bunny Hop Haven, a small animal rescue centre located at the Observatory Sports Club in Johannesburg. We know how tirelessly we must all work to keep a Non-Profit Organisation going. We were so excited to help out another NPO and are looking forward to future collaborations of the kind. We would like to thank all of you who came out on Easter Sunday to support us. Without the continued enthusiasm and input from the public we would not be able to host such wonderful performances. Watch this space for news of upcoming events!

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