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An Invitation to join the Friends of the Lipizzaners

Some background
Most of you will know that the Lipizzaners have been in South Africa since 1948!   And most of you reading this will probably have seen a performance of the Lipizzaners at some time or other in Johannesburg or other provinces where the Lipizzaners have given performances. Throughout the time that the Lipizzaners have been in South Africa, they have and still do experience difficult times. The team is currently without a major sponsor  and this situation will probably continue to exist during these difficult economic times.

What happened in late 2007
At the end of 2007, the Lipizzaner Centre was dangerously close to closing down. New Directors were appointed in January 2008. R1.6 million of debt was inherited. The Directors were determined to save this special piece of our South African heritage. Through the help of many wonderful people, and especially those who have become Friends of the Lipizzaners, all outstanding debt was fully paid back at the end of November 2011

How does the Friends of the Lipizzaners work?
The Friends of the Lipizzaners generates  small funds from many people, and therefore the business does not rely on one potential major sponsor.
Membership of the Friends of the Lipizzaners costs only R1,000 for a year.  

Where is your money going, you may ask?
Very simply, your contributions will allow the Lipizzaners to survive in South Africa. Our focus, first and foremost, is, and always will be, on the welfare and preservation of the horses. Apart from keeping the performing stallions, one must also remember the costs involved with the breeding programme, the care of the mares, foals, yearlings and two year olds,  and the eventual training of the young stallions in preparation for the performance.    

Although we are currently renting our facilities at the Lipizzaner Centre, we would like to be in a position of having our own premises to ensure long term security.  We are working on this!

Friends of the Lipizzaners receive a special Friends of the Lipizzaners Newsletter every quarter and a Friends Badge which entitles them to special prices at regular Sunday morning performances. We always welcome communications and ‘new ideas’ from our Friends!

The Directors believe that the Lipizzaners belong to the people of South Africa and are utterly focused on ensuring their preservation for today and for future generations.  

We hope you will join as a ‘Friend’ and be part of this wonderful endeavour.

Download membership here ( PDF Document or WORD Document), print, fill out and email it to us or Contact Us.

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