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Looking for meaningful Corporate Social Investment (CSI) projects which go beyond the normal donation of money or food and truly make a difference in lives?

Most companies recognise that CSI is more than just handing over cheques.  The selection of meaningful projects is often more important and impactful than the amount of money spent. We recognise that many charities have needs for food, shelter and clothing... but with the help of Corporates they are now able to do more.
Childrens’ Homes are now striving to provide a blended learning environment where children are prepared intellectually, morally, socially and culturally to face the increasingly diverse demands of the world. It is widely acknowledged that arts education and other forms of cultural enrichment are very important to a young person’s whole and healthy development. They enrich their emotional world, create happy everlasting memories which will endure even bad times, and create a happy childhood.      

Exposure to the beauty and elegance of the Lipizzaner stallions (classical dressage to adults, dancing white horses to children) provides a cultural experience that opens up a world of magic and wonder, which illuminates their inner lives and sparks the imagination.

The South African Lipizzaners invite you to sponsor tickets for the less fortunate, to attend shows of the magnificent White Stallions and interact with them afterwards. The shows are held weekly on Sundays in Kyalami and delight the audiences. Through this scheme, you or your company can choose a charity to support and pay only R150 per ticket for the members of the charity/children to attend a show, or we can choose a charity on your behalf.

We will supply refreshments and snacks and allow interaction with these gentle and magnificent animals. The memories of the outing will live on forever... the show, the ‘party’ atmosphere in the beautiful courtyard afterwards, and the experience of feeding carrots and petting the horses.

We can make this as big or small as you like - you can hand out branded T shirts, hats and gifts. We will invite the press and work with your PROs to generate publicity for you, if you wish. And of course, it’s a tax deductible expense. Being a Non Profitable Organisation (NPO), we will issue a letter as proof of your donation as long as your chosen charity has a NPO number. Many companies buy tickets, or subsidise them for their staff, so that they too, can become more involved in the companies’ CSI projects.  Photographs will be taken and given to your guests, so that they can... and we know they will, treasure this wonderful experience.

There is no restriction on the number of tickets you can buy, to bring joy to those less fortunate than you.  

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