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Judy Vertue moves on

Judy Vertue will be moving on from the SA Lipizzaners at the end of January 2016. The Directors and staff of the SA Lipizzaners would like to express their very grateful thanks to Judy for her immense contribution to the Lipizzaners since 2008 and wish her well for the future. Judy has issued the following statement:

“ The time has sadly come where it is no longer sustainable for me to remain at the SA Lipizzaners and I must move forward and make plans for my retirement. Many people have often heard me say ‘it’s the best job I have ever had’ and indeed it has been, encapsulating my business skills, my marketing and event management background and my love for horses and music! `

There are many special memories from the ‘good’ and the ‘not so good’ times. The immense challenge of the first year we took over in 2008 with over R1.5 million of inherited debt and the threat of eviction – very scary! The twice weekly meetings for the whole of that year to set up processes and procedures to put the business back on track and re-establish relationships with suppliers. We did it! Even though 2008 was tough, we shall always remember the five performances in the Grand Arena at the Grand West Casino and Entertainment World in Cape Town, where the horses appeared through three-storey high red velvet curtains! I have also enjoyed putting together special Quadrille music for Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day and Christmas shows and the ‘privilege’ of being the ‘voice’ of the Lipizzaners at every performance. How very lucky I was to be able to do all this!

Whereas my resignation as a Director will take effect at the end of the financial year, February 2016, I shall remain a Member of the Lipizzaner company and will always follow eagerly the progress of the wonderful white horses. I also really hope that in the future, I might still bring in, through my business contacts, a great big ‘corporate’ sponsorship for the Lipizzaners! Wouldn’t that be wonderful!

In the meantime, a huge THANK YOU to all the new contacts and friends I have made since 2008, those of you who have become Friends of the Lipizzaners and Horse Sponsors, our very valued suppliers who have given us such fantastic service, and of course, my co-Directors and all the riders, staff and volunteers at the Centre. You have all been part of my success and for that I will always be grateful.”


Judy Vertue w
ith Maestoso Antonija (Briony Wilde) and Neapolitano Nanczi (Jesse McFarlane) at the 2015 Christmas Shows.

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