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Rare Chocolate Bay Lipizzaner

On Saturday the 4
th of March the Lipizzaner Centre in Kyalami, was bursting with excitement at the arrival of our newest addition, a three and a half year old colt, Siglavy Erem I. He has moved to the centre from our Stud Farm and will take his place among the team of magnificent white stallions as one of our future stars.

His arrival is a significant one, as he is one of the rare chocolate bay Lipizzaners. His rich brown coat and a dashing thick black mane who will remain dark in colour for the rest of his life. He is a breathtakingly handsome fellow.

There to welcome him was his future rider Annalisa Sella and a few of this year’s students. Marina Snyman, the stud farm manager, took him to greet a few of his peers with whom he spent much of his young life and there were enthusiastic neighs and sniffs all round.

He will begin his training with Annalisa in the coming week. She is most excited to begin and confident he will excel as his gentle nature and his keen inquisitive personality are the makings of a great young stallion. His father Siglavy Erem is one of the centres superstars and he performs in the Quadrille, the Pas de Trois, Pas de Deux and side saddle.

We would like to thank Anne Reynolds, his previous sponsor, for her years of support. She has played a great and important role in his life.

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